Metabolic Syndrome Portfolio

  • Composition: (Each vegetarian capsule contains)
    • Garcinia Cambogia extract (HCA 60%) – 400 mg
    • Salacia Reticulata extract – 200 mg
  • Dosage: One or two capsule 30 minutes before each meal, with plenty of water or As directed by physician.
  • Indication: For overweight people GarciBIO supports weight reduction and appetite control.
  • Description: An unique natural nutritional supplement for the first-time in India ,containing Garcinia Cambogia with added advantage of Salacia Reticulata as compared to other marketed Garcinia products. Salacia along with Garcinia in GarciBIO offers significant synergistic effects in overweight patients.
Salacia in GarciBIO helps to reduce carbohydrate metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients.

Multiple pathways of action make GarciBIO preferred choice for weight reduction.

GarciBIO helps weight loss up to 1.5-2 kg/month and reduces abdominal visceral fat by reducing appetite & formation of fat.

GarciBIO offers significant reduction in abdominal visceral fat, which reduces cardiovascular risk.

*References available on request.