Life Saving Biopharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical portfolio of BioGenomics focuses on anti-diabetes and anti-cancer segments since these two segments have a high impact on the quality of life.
The anti-diabetes range of products is the most comprehensive one at BioGenomics. Human Insulin, Insulin Aspart (Rapid and Mix), Insulin Glargine, Insulin Lispro have already completed development and are undergoing clinical trials. GLP-1 inhibitors and other advanced analogs are in development stages.
The anti-cancer pipeline of BioGenomics consists of Filgrastim and its PEGylated forms and various monoclonal antibodies. Filgrastim is currently in clinical trials and various monoclonal antibodies are in development stages.
There is an ongoing demand for these products due to emerging newer drug delivery systems and ever expanding indications.
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Bioreactor, Location: R&D centre, Thane

Comprehensive and unique products under
development for Diabetes and Cancer

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