Science & Innovation

Revolutionising the future with leading edge innovations

Biogenomics is at the cusp of a major transformation in the biopharma industry. Research and development being the forte of the team, it will focus on this key strength to derive its value. Technology and innovation are the most important drivers for this progress.

Some of the unique products in the pipeline are:

  • Advanced monoclonal antibodies (Cancer Immunotherapy) targeting cancers such as:
    AtezolizumabTreatment of solid tumours such as bladder cancer, lung cancer
    Nivolumab Treatment of solid tumours such as lung cancer, renal cancer, liver cancer
    Pembrolizumab Treatment of lung cancers, head and neck cancers
  • Next generation diabetic medications such as Insulin Degludec and Liraglutide (a GLP-1 analog) which help in better control of blood sugar
  • Innovative formulations of Insulin Analogs that will reduce the number of injections for a patient and thereby increase patient convenience
  • New drug delivery mechanisms for better patient compliance