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Research & Development

At BioGenomics, R&D efforts are primarily in recombinant DNA technologies. BioGenomics has a team of molecular biologists, microbiologists, protein chemists and fermentation technologists to develop a range of recombinant products such as therapeutic proteins and enzymes.

BioGenomics has a fully- integrated biopharmaceutical drug discovery facility and has the potential for rapidly completing the development of products, from the research stage to full- fledged commercial manufacturing.

Research in recombinant DNA based drug discovery is mainly in these principle areas:

  • Molecular Cloning and Expression in Prokaryotes
  • Molecular Cloning and Expression in Eukaryotes
  • Microbiology and Strain Improvement
  • Cell Line Development
  • Fermentation Technology
  • Protein Folding and Purification Strategies
  • Formulations of Biologics and Biopharmaceuticals