R&D Facilities

Empowered through research. Enriched through innovation
Indigenous to the core
  • Completely indegenous technology at each stage of development, including cell lines and process development.
  • All manufacturing processes established for robustness, using modern ‘Quality by Design’ concepts.
cGMP Production Facility
  • WHO GMP certified.
  • Advanced formulation capabilities.
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001
  • Aiming to be FDA facility.
Quality that matches only the best
  • BioGenomics establishes biosimilarity by a thorough characterization proces, using modern technologies which are compliant with global regulatory requirements.
  • Animal-origin free products.
International standard clinical safety and efficacy trials
  • EMA and GCP compliant clinical studies.
  • Statistically significant and meaningful clinical trials.
  • Clinical trials aimed at establishing biosimilarity, immunogenicity and efficacy using globally sourced reference products
Strong IP portfolio for Value Creation
  • BioGenomics’ innovations cover supervectors for mammalian and microbial expressions, codon optimised gene sequences, protein folding technologies, novel purification and isolation technologies.
Surface plasmon resonance for receptor binding studies, at R&D Centre, Thane.
Automated DNA sequencing, at R&D Centre, Thane.
LC/MS/MS-Q-TOF, at R&D Centre, Thane.
Gene expression studies, at R&D Centre, Thane
Freeze dryer for active biological substance, at R&D Centre, Thane.
Clones and Cell banks, at R&D Centre, Thane.


Advanced Biotechnology for Human Health

BioGenomics has a proven expertise in the production of enzymes for the biopharmaceutical industry.Due to its GMP manufacturing, Animal-Origin Free processes and with best-in-class performance, BioGenomics is the preferred provider of these high-quality enzymes to various global biopharmaceutical companies.The portfolio includes recombinant Trypsin, recombinant Cabroxypeptidase B, recombinant Enterokinase and various unique formulations of enzymes.
Automated DNA sequencing, at R&D Centre, Thane.
Fermentation and upstream process at GMP manufacturing plant at Puducherry.
Cell harvesting & homogenisation at GMP manufacturing plant at Puducherry.
Refolding & Protein purification at GMP manufacturing plant at Puducherry.
Combi fill-finish for vials, cartridges & pre-filled syringes at GMP manufacturing plant at Puducherry
cGMP compliant man material flow at manufacturing plant at Puducherry.