Pursuing life-changing scientific breakthroughs


BioGenomics is a Science driven enterprise. Led by eminent scientists, business professionals and a focussed team of molecular biologists, microbiologists and protein engineers, BioGenomics has, in a short span of 10 years, developed dozens of Biopharmaceuticals and Biotech products.

BioGenomics has a thorough understanding of both microbial and mammalian technologies and the ability to develop own clones and cell lines. The resulting unique platform technology has allowed BioGenomics to rapidly deliver efficient, cost-effective, scalable and internationally acceptable technologies and products.

With fully integrated ‘Bench to Manufacturing’ facilities, BioGenomics ensures a quick turnaround, adaptive technology and is capable of full-scale manufacturing.

BioGenomics is consistently able to meet and exceed all regulatory standards in its products, processes and facilities.

Our proven capability to research, develop, customize and manufacture high-value biopharmaceuticals is an endorsement of our ability to meet global benchmarks. Our strengths lie in our scientific forte, proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art facilities.